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Ep.28 What world view in American woman's eye who has ft. Grace Chen

Grace Chen, has traveled to more than 70 countries, all over the world's five continents, speaks English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Russian. This episode is the first time that Grace Chen, an American girl born in a Taiwanese family, has been interviewed with us, to share her story and cultural view with her multicultural perspective. Why did she embark on a backpacking trip? How did her wandering experience change her view of the world? What has she seen from Taiwan? What is her dream in the future?

Grace's story and perspective about culture are very interesting and thought-provoking. For making her easier to share her story, we interviewed her in her native language, this is also Dare to travel podcast interview with our guest in English entirely. I hope you would like our episode.

(00:02:30) Where are you?
(00:04:11) How did you get this job? project?
(00:05:20) Do you have any problems adapting to the culture in the USA since you’re a Taiwanese American?  How do you reconcile the cultural differences?
(00:11:50) Growing up, were you taught that America the “greatest country in the world?”
(00:16:18) Where would you want to go back to?
(00:17:35) Tell more about your public speaking event last January.
(00:20:30) What culture or value do you resonate with more? Taiwanese side or American side?
(00:25:00) How did you learn Spanish and Russian?
(00:28:00) What do your parents thinking about your life?
(00:28:33) Which university did you go to?  Did your parents have high expectations of you?
(00:29:50) How do you define “home?”
(00:33:06) Have you found a group of people that you resonate with?
(00:35:43) What do you want to see the change in the world?
(00:38:25) Any plans for the next year?
(00:42:50) How did you get into Iran? What was your experience in Iran?
(00:46:35) What does travel mean to you?

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